Friday, June 19, 2009

20 Inches!

Friday's WOD

6 rounds of
3 muscle ups (6 b-band pull ups/6 p-band dips)
6 deadlifts (113#)
9 box jumps (20")


I may or may not have been warned about the high box jumps today, so when I came in I decided to try the 20" for the first time.  The first attempt did not work, I don't think I even jumped at all (I was a little scared).  Then once everyone was watching I finally did it.  Completing this WOD w/ out falling on my face is huge.  During the first WOD ever at CFV I couldn't keep my feet together and jump up to the 12" box and now I can do 20 inches!! WOOO HOOOO!!!



Mom said...

Jenna, You have come a long way. You have worked have for all your PR's. WAY TO GO!!!

mom said...

HARD not have!!

Katie said...

The 20" is only the beginning...24" box here you come. GOOD JENNA!

Katie said...

I meant GO JENNA!