Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bs, pu and farmers

Wednesday's WOD

3 rounds for time of:
10 Back Squats (58#)
20 Pull-ups (g-band)
200m Farmers Walk* (30#)
*Every time you drop the dumbells, perform 3 burpees


Whoa... This was a hard one.  The weight on the back squat was fine, pull ups were ok, but damn those farmer walks sucked!  I dropped the weights 4-6 times per round, so I got to do a few burpees.  I'm glad I finished with 30# and didn't go down to 25#, even though it would have been way easier.  But like Colin said during the warm up, "If it doesn't hurt you're probably not doing it right."  

zone: 96

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mb said...

I'm so with you on this one! Those Farmer Walks were killers. On the last one I SO did not want to pick up the weights at all. Good job on finishing strong!-Martha