Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crossfit Flood

On Tuesday I was down in San Diego so I decided to check out Crossfit Flood.  When I lived in SD I used to go to church at flood, so it was cool to find out that they have an affiliate in the back of the church offices. 

Tuesday's WOD

2 rounds of:
500m row 
50 pull ups (red band, I think it was a little thicker than the green band)
50 squats
50 push ups (knee)
(break up pull/push ups and squats as needed)


Going into the second round all the rowers were taken so while waiting I did 23 SDHP's (1 SDHP= 10m row), then finished on the rower when one opened.  It was fun going to another CF. If you're ever down in San Diego check them out!

Wednesday's WOD

HSPU (24" box)
ring dips (jumping)
push ups (knee)


I didn't hit my head every time with the hspu so I'll have to work on getting full depth next time.

zone challenge: 66

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