Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lunges/pull ups/sit ups

Wednesdays WOD

60 ft lunge walk
21 pull ups (jumping)
21 sit ups
60 ft LW
18 pu
18 su
60 ft lw
15 pu
15 su
60 ft lw
12 pu
12 su
60 ft lw 
9 pu
9 su
60 ft lw
6 pu
6 su


Ouch...My legs were starting to feel better after Sundays sprints but I have a feeling I'm going to be really sore again tomorrow.  I noticed I was using my arms more during the jumping pull ups because my legs were hurting from the lunges.  Yesterday I was bored so I decided to do tabata sit-ups, so my abs are really feeling it after this WOD!  Afterwards I was working on my green-band pull ups and I finally got one by myself!  I have to keep practicing so I can start doing them in the WODs.

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