Monday, September 28, 2009

I am Unbreakable

I thought it was cute to see everyone writing in their binders today so I had to take a picture

Monday's WOD

Should press 3-3-3

then "I am Unbreakable"
(complete everything unbroken, if not start over on that movement)
20 db thrusters (20#)
20 cleans (25# plate, mod for pull ups)
20 sit ups
4 double unders
20 knee push ups
20 kettle bell swings (35#)


Those damn double unders almost broke me. Colin said to do 3, I wanted to be ambitious and try for 4. Next time I'll listen. I probably spent close to 4 min on that one part. Everything else was unbroken the first try.

Grass fed meat is the best, but if you cant find it or its too expensive make sure its lean.

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