Monday, February 9, 2009

Maxing Out

Today's WOD
5 rounds
Max rep shoulder press
max rep pullups
5 min rest between sets

11-11, 10-8, 10-10, 9-9, 10-10
total 98

I did 38# for the shoulder press and used the green band for pull ups (with a little extra help from my mom).

I can almost get a pull up with the green band but not quite. I am going to start practicing more after workouts when I have time and I'm not too tired.

Here I am in Pamplona, Spain at the end of the track for the running of the bulls. This was a few hours after all the craziness. From July 6-14 there is a r
unning every morning around 7 am. The bulls are kept in stalls about 600 meters from the arena. They are let out and everyone takes off running through the winding cobble stone streets of Pamplona. It was so cool to be there with all the energy, excitement, and people from all over the world. I know I'll be back in Europe sometime within the next few years and I am going to make sure to get to Pamplona with some other crazy people who want to run with me.

zone challenge: 15


Nick Mitchell said...

those are some nice shoes in that picture! where did you get them?

Jenna said...

Hahaha I don't know some random guy, it was pretty sweet he let me wear his shoes because I forgot mine