Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keep Goingggggg....

Wednesday's WOD
400m run
21 L-pull ups
42 kettlebell swings
15 L-pull ups
30 kettlebell swings
9 L-pull ups
18 kettlebell swings
400m run

In place of the L-pulls ups I did ring rows and planks each time I had to stop (If I did 4 ring rows then I would hold the plank for 8 seconds).  I started out doing 26# kettlebell swings but had to go down to 20#.  I think this is the longest WOD I've done and that last 400m felt really weird at first but I somehow managed to pick up some speed at the very end.  I'm just glad I didn't walk!!

zone challenge: 24

1 comment:

Nick Mitchell said...

way to push that last 400. You and mom are girls that gnar!!! haha