Thursday, August 6, 2009


Thursday's WOD

Tabata Wall-balls (14#, 8ft) - 70
1 Minute Rest
Tabata Box Jumps (20") - 52
1 Minute Rest
Tabata Kettlebell Swings (35lbs) - 45
1 Minute Rest
Tabata Double-unders - 21


All RX'D!! This is the first (of many) WOD that I've done RX besides running! Before today I think I've done maybe 3 double-unders in my whole life. Colin said to flick my wrists more, so I did and now somehow I can kind of do them. Every time I got one I would think "I did it, I did it!!" This goes to show that you should never say you can't do something, especially if you never really try.



Huff said...

Colin and I were talkin and we're so completely amped on your progress. Great job Jenna!

Jenna said...

Thanks! I am too!!