Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wednesday's WOD

Overhead Squat


then 3 rounds of 
100 m farmers walk (30#)
200 m run
15 pull ups (blue band)


It was my first time doing weighted OHS today, it felt pretty good.  On a side note, I went to the dentist today and was told that my plaque levels were zero to low or something like that.  She started talking about how that was really good and how some people just have different types of plaque that can cause more or less harm.  Then I asked what my levels were the last time I was in 6 months ago and she said that it was moderate.   She  then went on about how diet can affect the plaque in your mouth. We obviously know that eating a ton of sugar, drinking soda, ect is not good for your dental hygiene, but it was interesting to hear how a healthy diet can affect the type of plaque not just the amount. 


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mom said...

Yeah Jen-Gee, I'm sure eating healthy is effecting all kinds of things in your body that you don't see. It's nice to have it validated.