Saturday, December 12, 2009

I can relate anything to Crossfit

My final project

Saturday's WOD

3 rounds of
35 box jumps (20")
15 OHS (45#)
10 dips (red band standing)


As many of you know I am currently going to school at Channel Islands to get my teaching credential. This semester I had a class called English in Social Contexts which was about English Language Learners (ELLs) and the struggles they face and how to help them succeed. . For the final I had to create an artifact that I could relate to the class and the topics we covered. My professor told us to relate it to ourselves so the first thing that popped in my mind was crossfit, of course! So I sculpted the barbell above and said that it was like the mainstream classroom. A new crossfitter would never be advised to try to do a really heavy deadlift, unless they had background lifting. We need to first learn the technique and become stronger before we can attempt any lift at a heavy weight. The same can be said for bilingual education. If you have a student who has relatively no background in English they are going to need help to be successful in a mainstream classroom. If a new crossfitter was asked to do a really heavy deadlift, they most likely would not be successful, in the same way that ELLs (with out coaching, programing, and hard work, I won't get into the technical stuff here... already had to write that paper) will most likely not be successful in a mainstream classroom. Moral of the story...I can relate anything to Crossfit.


Colin jenkins said...

That is awesome! Do u mind if I put your post on the CFV blog tonight?

Jenna said...

go ahead, that'd be great!

Anonymous said...
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